Stargazing tours with a cultural twist

Stargazing tours with a cultural twist

Stories (Stargazing)

Yaliya’s Stories. Yaliya means “Sky” in the local Gangalidda Language and this tour focuses on Indigenous Storytelling under the Stars and including some (Stargazing) with exclusive access  to Australia’s largest salt pans, you can discover the brilliance of the night sky through state-of-the-art telescopes against a canvas of total darkness. Your local Gangalidda guide will share Dreamtime stories and their cultural interpretation of the universe in accordance with the phases of the moon. Dubbed the ‘Plains of Promise’ by 19th-century explorers, the salt pans of the lower Gulf region are an awe-inspiring natural landscape steeped in cultural significance.

  • Exclusive access to Australia's largest salt pans
  • State-of-the-art telescopes
  • Gangalidda guide
  • Small groups

  • Light Snacks and hot drinks
  • insect repellent
  • $135 per person

  • Minimum 6 people
  • Maximum 20 people
  • Early evening departure
  • Self drive to location
  • All vehicle access
  • No caravans or trailers


Approx 2 - 2.5 hours

This Tour focuses primarily on Indigenous Storytelling as we are not professional Astronomers


The most amazing balloon flight over the Burketown area!

Last night we went on the most amazing balloon flight over the Burketown area. Spectacular scenery over all the river systems & salt pans. You could see as far as the Gulf of Carpentaria. The rivers meeting the ocean. Definitely a bucket list thing to do. The pilot Clay Rix was great. Felt safe and in good hands. Deano. Was also great. Full of information about the surrounding area, the local aboriginal people etc. If your travelling this way, put a Balloons Aloft flight on your to do list. A MUST DO EXPERIENCE. Thanks to Clay, Deano & BALLOONS ALOFT.

Cheryle O'Sullivan

Burketown, you did it to me again!

I've been to visit twice now and both times you've blown my mind. Not only are the land and river systems amazing but the people have been so welcoming too. There's a feeling about the place over all that i can't put my finger on bur learning about the land and history from the traditional owners has been an experience i'll never forget... View all on Instagram


Excellent way to experience the unique area

.... terrific overview of traditional and historical aspects of Burketown. Our tag along tour was a great insight into the area culminating in a traditional bush tucker and billy tea conclusion.
A must in Burketown!